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S1 E3 Positioning Your Salon Business



Welcome to episode 3 of Anthony Presotto’s Business Insider Podcast.

200pppnewIn this episode:

Hi everyone it’s anthony presotto here and I would like to welcome you back to my business insider podcast, or if this is your first time here thanks for joining us.

I’ve been delayed getting this podcast out because it has been a super busy and super exciting couple of weeks with SO MAGAZINE. We have caught up with some really interesting hairstylist and business owners in Brisbaneand then I flew to Sydney for the day to interview another Salon Owner. And I am still doing 3 and a half days a week behind the chair, so by the end of two weeks I was pretty much wrecked. So this podcast is short and sweet!

Positioning should be part of your initial vision process, where you decide what your space in your local market is. Something that came through very strongly with the people we interviewed the last couple of weeks was they all had very unique positions in their respective marketplaces and used it to their full advantage. I guess it is their point of  difference.

Now I don’t mean stuff like coffee in bone china being an up market salon and such. These were very unique positions that laser focused their markets. There was Jules Tognini from AKA Togninis and their shit hair cuts. Now thats actually an acronym for super hot individual talent. It was meant to appeal to a specific demographic within the area that the salon is located. And it did and still does. If you were that young or young at heart type of person the chances are your their ideal client, looking for something fun funky and maybe a little edgy.

The other stand out was Dario Chicco from Voi in Sydney, now in a city that caters for fashionistas, and gliterati, you know the type the blondorexic full on blowout crowd, you have Dario, doing his wash and wear hair sculpting. No colouring, not a blow-dry brush in site and not even a retail range for sale. His core philosophy is that a cut should do all the work and minimal product is needed to style the hair. A polar opposite to almost all salons in his city I would say.

Actually I want to talk a bit more about Dario, the man is simply amazing, his salon is on the 7th floor of a building, like I said he doesn’t retail products. Doesn’t perform any colour service. And his hair is finished with a finger dry, or combed into place and left to dry naturally.

His boutique salon has an understated elegance. His business hours are 10 am to 6pm or so, he works from Wedneday to Saturday  and takes two hours for lunch! And he is booked up! Infact compared to many stylists he makes more money before lunch than they do in a whole day. Sticking to his core philosophy he has positioned himself in a unique place in his market and  has enabled him to focus on a very specific and obviously profitable niche.

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