10 key areas to reflect and ponder on as the New Year Approaches

reflecting on the new year

Reflecting On the past as the New Year Approaches…

NEW_YEAR_anthony_presotto_1Spending time in reflection is not just important for you and your business, it’s VITAL. Reflecting over the past year gives us the opportunity to acknowledge our challenges, difficulties – and importantly our successes. It is this time that helps us to see where we have grown personally and in our business and what directions we would like to take to grow us to the next level.

And there is no better time to do this than the end of December or early January. This is generally a quiet time for so many of us in the salon. The Christmas rush is over and the new year almost upon us or we have just started the next year, it’s the perfect opportunity to think about who we value in our lives, where we are on our spiritual or life journey, what we’ve achieved in the past year in our salon business and what we’d like to achieve in the upcoming year.

This quiet time is a great chance to think about things that are essential to meaningful goal-setting for the upcoming year. Of course we could just use one of our goal-sheets from a coaching session and jot some goals down, but if we take the time to reflect first, it allows us to dig deeper when goal-setting and those goals will align more with our values and who we are and who or what we want to become.

So, I encourage you to take the opportunity to set aside some time to ponder and reflect on the past year in your business and personal life, after all they are intertwined. Maybe stare out of the window, go sit on the beach or find a secluded little coffee spot and jot down thoughts and learnings.


new-Beginnings-210 key areas to reflect and ponder on as the New Year Approaches:
  1. Make some list.
    a) the most important people/things in your life.
    b) people or activities that drain you.
    c) people who inspire you.
  2. What you’d like MORE of and LESS of in your life
  3. Your big achievements this past year (include personal, spiritual and professional).
    NB. This is what you’re most proud of – what you’d like to celebrate!
  4. What you are most excited about for the coming year (if you don’t have anything, then this is something you may want to work on)
  5. What do you already know you want to accomplish this coming year?
  6. What you would like to express in your life or work more?
  7. What does it mean to me to have a full and rich life?
  8. How could I have more fun and joy in my life?
  9. What is my biggest challenge in the upcoming year?
  10. What do you secretly need to acknowledge?


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