Facebook: 12 Biggest mistakes salon owners make

facebook-tips-anthony-presottoTwelve Biggest Mistakes Salon Owners Make on Facebook

Facebook the king of Social media is a very important tool when running your own business. If you own a salon, you will most likely to benefit from social networking site like Facebook. With a well created business page and attractive images of your products and services, and a plan to engage your clients, you will be guaranteed of fast and effective online marketing.  Here are the common mistakes that salon owners commit on Facebook, check if you are doing the same thing.

FACEBOOK MISTAKES: Do you make them in your salon business

  1. Using one profile for personal and business purposes. Most business owners do not realize the importance of having a business page that is distant from their personal profile. Having a Facebook page for your salon business will give you unlimited number of friends unlike your personal profile which Facebook limits you to 5,000 friends.  Through a business page, you are more focused on promoting your salon without showing empathy to issues that are irrelevant to your business.  You can empathize by using your own personal profile.  Migrating your personal profile into your business page is an option worth taking.
  2. Forgetting to fill out important data on your profile. Salon businesses have learned to use social media to advertise their services. With a social media manager to do the work for them, their profile is widely followed. With your eagerness to boost your business online, you have forgotten to fill out your business data such as contact number, website, business hours, products, services, and location while your competitor has added everything on their profile.
  3. Media hyping can be destructive.  Although advertising your business on Facebook is very effective in persuading your clients, it can be a precursor for people to dislike your business page. You can promote your business by talking to your friends online and ask their opinion about your products and services.  Try to get their opinion on how they think about your business. Images and video is an effective way to tickle their imagination on how they will look like after visiting your salon. Remember engagement is the key.
  4. Lack of communication. Commenting on your visitors’ posts is important to let them feel how important is their private messages, comments and likes.  Whether you like or dislike their comments, always treat them as constructive criticism and a challenge to improve your business. Their opinion is very important to make some improvement in your business. Treat your guests fairly and face them squarely if they have a negative opinion.
  5. Allowing spam to ruin your brand.  Although social media is created for virtual socialization and community interaction, it does not mean that you will tolerate haters, bashers and spammers ruin the reputation of your business. Not unless you hire a social media manager who will do the monitoring of your business page, being busy will allow these people to manipulate your page.  See to it that you visit your page regularly and delete posts by cyberbullies. Don’t allow online predators to destroy your company’s good name.
  6. Forgetting the type of platform you are involved with. Using hashtags on Facebook can be irritating. Yes we know that Facebook will use hashtags now to track what is trending and enhance your search, but people tend to use them in overkill. Twitter it’s a little more acceptable but please don’t over do it on Facebook.
  7. Irrelevant cover and profile photos.  Since you are promoting your business, choose a cover photo or avatar that tells people what type of business you are engaged in.  If your cover photo is irrelevant, it cannot tickle your target audience’s imagination.  Although you insist that there are images in your album, your customers will not directly click them.  What they see on the cover and profile photos will give them a different impression of you.  Be meticulous in looking for images that are suitable for your line of business. Upload photos of your staff, products and services that truly represent you.
  8. Personal attachment can be destructive to your business. Don’t allow emotion to reflect on your posts.  Although you have the right to do what you can for your page, it does not mean you have to be emotionally attached to whatever you feel for an issue, events or occurrences. Put your thoughts in your personal blog and not on your business page. It is annoying to see those posts and instead of luring a potential customer, it will drive them away.
  9. Posting irrelevant images and videos.  Don’t be overwhelmed at the some beautiful happenings in your personal life by posting them on your business page. Not unless the photos are about hair color if your business is a salon.  Always be wary with tags of pictures about your Facebook friends and their activities that are irrelevant to your business. Just delete these photos because your potential customers might get confused about what you are selling online.
  10. You are too pushy.  When selling via social media sites, avoid being pushy because it can drive your customers away. People do not listen if you directly tell them to buy your products. However, you can be pushy at the right time. Use your gut feel before posting what you want from them.  Posting the prices on your page is not an effective way to convince your customers. But posting before and after photos of your salon customers who have benefited from your services, will condition their mind into patronizing your business.
  11. Forgetting to add a logo. A logo represents your business. It makes your business look more real and genuine. Customers are afraid of scams and fraudulent activities online. With a business logo as your cover photo or profile photo, it is worth convincing and more reliable.
  12. Using images from other websites.  This is the biggest mistake that most businesses commit to their page.  Posting images that are not original on your Facebook page can be discouraging to Internet users. It will jeopardize your company reputation if they find out that you copied them and it does not represent your actual services. This is especially true when it comes to before and after photo’s, make sure it is your own work!

These are common mistakes that you should avoid as a salon owner.  Don’t rush things because it cannot help promoting your business online. Take everything in slow but sure fashion and avoid these 12 facebook mistakes.

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