6 Strategies to Build Client Loyalty

In the current economy retaining clients is more important than ever. The current statistics are salons are loosing 32% of their existing clients every year and as we leave the Christmas season this is when we will lose the most clients. He

The simplest thing you can do is find out what clients love about your business and then do more of the same. The better your client service the better your chances of retaining clients will be. Don’t know what clients love about your salon? Do a survey! In my salons I have always relied heavily on client surveys and built my business around what would suit the majority of my A grade clients, since that was the ideal client for my business and I wanted more of them. Weather it was the hours I opened, the coffee I served, the music I played even to the services I offered if the client didn’t want it there was no point offering it.

Conducting a survey takes time but is well worth the effort. In the mean time here six strategies to help with client loyalty. These are some of the basics you can do right now.

  • Pay special attention to your A grade clients:

These are your ideal clients, they are gold treat them as such, reward them pamper them focus on them, they will in turn remain forever loyal. Remember it costs far less to retain a client than to find a new one. Your credibility is already established, retailing becomes an easier task since you have an established level of trust.

  • Use your clients name:

Babe, sweetie , love, marlin’ just don’t cut it! People love to be addressed by their name it gives a sense of importance. Take a tip from Starbucks, use your clients name when ever you can it is the sweetest sound they will ever hear.

  • Introduce yourself:

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing someones name. Make it a habit to introduce yourself to everyone, even if they aren’t your clients. It helps make people feel like they belong. The greater sense of belonging that people have the better chance you have of them being retained as long-term clients.

  • Stay in touch:

Staying in constant contact with your clients is important. It no longer has to be expensive either. Harness the power of email to send out newsletters, client birthdays, monthly service offers, reminders etc. Using a service like mailchimp can provide all the needs for the average salon at no cost. Don’t forget Facebook and Twitter or Pintrest a great visual tool to show off your latest clients and work. Remember that your contact doesn’t have to be advertising it’s about communication and long-term relationships, involving your clients in the happenings of the salon.

  • Make your business different:

Hunt the internet for the latest treatment and service offerings. Keep abreast of styles and fashions. Need to know what the latest seasons colours are going to be? Checkout pantone.com this is where the fashion colours are for the next season. Look at what services are being offered in other countries, be the first import them yourself and charge accordingly. Don’t be a sheep, set the standard and be the leader in your marketplace.

  • Build on your strengths:

There was a time when everyone was concerned with a SWOT analysis of their salon business. Forget it! Unless your weakness is in customer service, consultation or technical skills, then set about to improve those areas. Instead of focusing on weakness concentrate on your strength and make them stronger. I was hopeless at doing prom hair, rather than spending time trying to improve an insignificant part of my business I focused on becoming the best cutter and colourist I could be, areas in which I was already strong I wanted to dominate the market by being the best.

About Anthony Presotto

Currently one of only two Australian hairstylists who are members of the Hairdressing World Expert Panel, Anthony Presotto is on a mission to empower salon owners, sharing his expertise as an author, international speaker and salon business strategist.

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