Anthony’s podcast subscription list

Podcasts are a fantstic way to learn and be inspired and motivated. If you have an iPhone you most likely have the podcast app already installed. If you are an android user there are plenty of free podcatchers available for download.

This is a list of the podcasts I regularly listen too. Listening to podcasts can take hours out of your week especially if you have a large list, and if you have a presenter that is a very slow speaker you can play the podcast at a faster speed. I do this with some podcasts usually around 1.5 speed and that helps plow through them a lot quicker.

Anthony’s Podcast Subscription List

Don’t forget you can also listen to my podcast by clicking on the link in the sidebar.
If you have a great podcast that you love and I haven’t listed it here please add it to the comment section below.


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Currently one of only two Australian hairstylists who are members of the Hairdressing World Expert Panel, Anthony Presotto is on a mission to empower salon owners, sharing his expertise as an author, international speaker and salon business strategist.

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