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Birthday Marketing Strategy to Keep Your Salon Alive

Birthdays are the most celebrated milestones in an individual’s life. Receiving a birthday card or a gift from people who are connected to you will make your birthday complete. Whether you celebrate it alone or throw a party for your friends, the birthday celebration is what makes you happy as you turn a year older. As a salon owner, sending gifts to your customers will make them feel they are special to you. This is how salons birthdays come in.

The term might be unfamiliar to you but this is a strategy that will make your salon business alive and stay in the limelight. This is the time that you get connected with your clients whom you haven’t seen quite a long time. By sending them birthday greetings, they will remember you as the person who colored their hair. It may sound odd, but sending your customers with a birthday wish is a very effective reminder them that your salon still exists.

Buy birthday cards in bulkbirthday-marketing-pie-chart-anthony-presotto

Birthday cards are inexpensive if you buy them in bulk at a local discount store. Although social media is the easiest way to send birthday greetings, the happiness of receiving a birthday card is incomparable. Cards are not obsolete way to greet your clients because they are more personalized than social media greetings. Make it a point to buy dozens of cards at the turn of the year so that you can save a few dollars rather than buying them individually. If you want ot go the extra mile then what I do within my own salons is to have my printer create a birthday mailer for my clients, they cost about 10 cents each, not only making them highly affordable but completely customized to my salon.

Birthday Marketing: A handwritten birthday message is best

Handwritten messages with your signature are most preferred to make them personalized. Let your staff sign their names together with their messages to the birthday celebrator. The card will make a great impression of your effort in taking time to write the messages despite your hectic schedule as a salon owner.

Prepare the card in advance

Since you are too busy attending to the ins and outs of your business, sending cards by yourself a day before your client’s birthday can be taxing. Why not prepare the birthday cards in advance? If you have ten clients who will celebrate their birthday next month, have the cards ready by now. Mark your birthday calendar so you will be reminded when to send the cards. Be sure to mail the cards weeks before their birthdays so they can receive them in advance rather than receiving them late.

Research their birthdays

Asking your clients’ age might offend them. You should be extra careful when asking their age because not all clients are proud of their age. You can ask their zodiac sign so you will have an idea about your client’s birthday. You can also ask someone who knows them about the exact date of their birthdays or you can search them via their Facebook account. However, if you cannot find the date, knowing their birthday month would be enough to send the card.

Make your message standard and concise

Using a standardized script for your birthday card can save time. Let someone with a good handwriting do it for you to make it fast and attractive. Make it short and simple to understand rather than sound poetic. Your clients are busy people and reading long birthday message can lose their track on who is the sender. Make sure you include the name of your salon right below your signature.

When birthday marketing enclose a discount card and coupon

Discount cards and coupons are two things that clients would like to grab in order for them to avail of low rates but high quality service. As they celebrate their birthdays, clients will grab this rare opportunity to pamper themselves with the latest trend in hair fashion. Their birthday celebration will be more meaningful as you pamper them with your offer to keep them look young and beautiful. But beware if this is a regular occurance then customers will wait for their discount to arrive on their birthday. As always it is better to include a value add that has a percived high value but may not be a service that the customer currently enjoys.

Customize your birthday marketing offer

Although you are using a standardized birthday message for your clients, it does not mean that you will also standardize your offer to them. Let them feel that you are talking to them personally by including a value add that is specific to them. As mentioned something that they may not already have tried servicewise is always a great choice when it comes to birthday marketing.

Be considerate with their background

Customers come from different backgrounds and have their own lifestyle. Be sensitive to their feelings and thoughts. Be aware that customers may not like getting birthday marketing or cards, for various reasons, that may be personal attached to aging, spiritual or religious. If a client mentions any of these, make sure to note on their files to not send out birthday marketing.

The offer should be different from your regular customer

The birthday celebrator should be offered a different rate for the services that you rendered to them to give them importance while celebrating their milestone. Giving them free service can boost your customer’s confidence and trust in your salon business. It will also rekindle their loyalty to your salon and will no longer transfer their patronage to your competitor.

Bithday Marketing: Show your gratitude

To keep your clients’ loyalty, always give them thanks when they visit your salon while celebrating their birthday. Keeping your customer loyalty through birthday marketing does not cost you a lot of money. It is an effective way to capture their attention. Once they experience your generosity and thoughtfulness, they will propagate your company’s good name to their friends and friends of friends. From there, expect more clients to patronize your services. Just some of the ways birthday marketing can help your salon business.


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