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In my experience as a salon owner, I can personally attest to the great fun that is involved within the salon industry. However, unfortunately a lot of salon owners start business by following their dreams without having a concrete plan. It is great that they are following their dreams, but one needs to have a good plan of attack for conquering the cutthroat world of beauty salons. That is why I have created a list of tips for anyone who desires to start their very own beauty salon and make it into a big success. So, without further ado, here are the top four tips for salon success:

1. Salon Business -Have a plan when starting out.

Quick! Think of one of your favorite products. It could be a car, a drink, a movie, or any other thing. But, here is one thing they all have in common: planning. One cannot build a Ferrari by simply grabbing some nuts and bolts then throwing them together haphazardly. This same principle goes for your salon business. Just because you have seen other people start businesses successfully without a written plan does not mean that planning did not occur. Before starting your salon business, outline the materials you need and the projected costs for the project.

2. Salon Business – Pick the right people

There is nothing more integral to the success of a salon business than good staff. The people you hire can either make or break the profitability of your business, and it only takes one bad apple to sink the ship. Be sure to only hire people with references and who are thoroughly background checked. It would be a shame to lose a whole business instead of taking the time to make a 20 minute phone call.

3. Salon Business – Have a budget

If you plan on having a business that survives, you need to consider the start up costs involved within starting your shop. There are numerous supplies to be bought, spaces to be rented, and people to be hired. All of this must be done while also supporting yourself and possibly others such as children or spouses. So, a good rule of thumb to follow is to budget what you need for the project, plus 20% for the extra little costs that creep up during projects such as fees and licenses for operation.

4. Salon Business – Start marketing

If you are new to the world of salons, it is likely that you will need some help. Talking to other people in the salon business is very helpful, but if you want the best help with a large amount of experience, it is good to talk to a professional. Anthony Presotto is a salon owner who has had years of experience running salons and coaching those who wish to start their own businesses in the world of cosmetology. He offers private training, consulting, and a DVD video series created to help people realize their dreams of entering into the business.

The salon industry is a great business to be in, but it can be very overwhelming. If you ever need tips or tricks on salon business, check out my website.


  1. Impressive blog! I agree with you. Before opening a new salon, planning is what required most. Moreover, it is also important to focus on getting classy clients by creating a perfect ambiance within a salon, marketing and hiring a right staff.

  2. Budget! yes this one is huge. so much of your success depends on setting a realistic budget; it’s not enough to just get open. you need money to promote and advertise your salon to actually grow and establish a loyal clientele. Great post!

  3. Great Salon blog.
    Simply Awesome post.

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