Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture

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In her book “Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture,” author Ellen Ruppel Shell exposes the many ways we engage in a very dangerous game between business owners and customers the has effected our way of doing business, in a negative way for the past 60+ years. I would urge all salon owners and staff to read this book as it provides an insight as to why DISCOUNTING is not something we should allow into our business model.

“Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture,” discusses the very real costs in economic, political and emotional terms of our desire to provide and purchase goods and services as cheap as possible.
This pervasive obsession we have with the most devastating of marketing forces has, and continues to create economic instability the world over.
Once we considered that if the price was too good to be true then it probably was and we were dis-trustful of people offering discounted or cheap products or services. Now consumers have been re-educated the world over to no longer look for value, durabilty, quality and craftsmanship, insteed we seek convenience and low prices. This perceptual shift has led to escalating personal debt, the stagnation of incomes for workers and small business owners and many other socioeconomic problems, all the while driving profits to major corperations and chain stores.
The video below is gives a breif introduction to the book.

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