The downside of owning a salon business

Anthony-PhotoFrame1It’s ordinary for me to discuss the advantages of owning your own salon business, but understand it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes salon owners go through rough patches. I would like to look at 5 facets of what I consider to be the drawback possessing a salon now. Included in these are facets that many salon business owners don’t need to talk about, but should.

As a salon owner I’ve suffered from spells of melancholy and loneliness, and ! As salon business owners we often depict ourselves as folks that are confident, enthusiastic and positive. But once we enter the world of company we soon realise it’s not all Anthony Robbins, conquering the world, walking on fire, states of elation. There are some serious downsides that need addressing.

1. Depression. It is not an unusual thing for salon owners to have problems with varying states of melancholy. It’s society’s inclination feel like they need to conceal the difficulty that subsequently makes it worse, together with to make people feel embarrassed, poor. Instead of hiding or trying to dismiss it, get some help. You may not see it but it’ll be influencing your business. Possibly getting support from family or getting professional help is what is needed to enable you to get by means of this battle. You may not only turn things personally but professionally too.

2. Private Loss. This is where I see lots of salon business owners go terribly wrong. Your salon company is significant and sometimes needs to come first. But if you’re always placing your business ahead of private life and your family you are heading down a road that is certainly going to be paved with regret. It is not unusual for salon owners to be dismissing their partner and kids and overly focused on work. I cannot stress the importance of creating a balanced work life and family life. Building strong relationships with your family and friends is equally as significant as those you build for your business.

3. Ignoring Your Health. It’s such an important point, although this could fall under personal losses, it needs a section of its own. We work in a industry that demands us to sell our time. As a result of that, we never ever seem to have enough of it. We push aside important things like routine exercise. When we’ve got a busy day, we push aside eating properly to grab something (normally quick and nasty) between clients. Getting enough sleep often eludes us as there’s the entire company side to worry about before our eyes close. As business owners we often won’t take time off ill, either for anxiety about being seen as weak, or just because there’s no one to take our place. Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally is vital I cannot stress it enough. In fact Vidal Sassoon realised this is a vital part of company and took extraordinary care of himself with regular exercise and good nutrition. Should you be at your summit emotionally and physically then you will have a clearer outlook and focus on your own business and in turn be a leader that is better and more successful salon owner.

4. Our Buddies. A lot of people will automatically presume that since you must have a ton of money and own your own business which you are making. The depressing reality is that as salon business owners we are some of the lowest paid workers, not only in our salons but in the country as a whole. The other thing is when we go into business that frequently our priorities change. We work harder and longer than before and regularly don’t feel up to socializing as we did in our previous life as an employee.

5. Expectation of Achievement. Day after day, we are bombarded with reports in the media of individuals who start businesses and become an overnight success. The depressing reality is that only about 5% of our business make it really big. 15% will do really well and make a great income and profit from their salon company. This unreal expectation that’s put upon us from our family, friends and even ourselves can make things even harder when going through a rough patch. The fear of failure won’t let us change our situation and take the greatest possible course of action, although we regularly realise, albeit too late, that we don’t really want to be owners. Giving up is as bright as continuing forward in a downward spiral.

So it’s time to admit that there are problems we face as salon business owners and additionally you will come to the awareness that some of those difficulties can be changed once you do. Finding time to eat well and work out, spent time away physically and mentally from our business and be present with friends and our families. And a few of these issues are merely part of the challenge of going into business for yourself. But you’re never totally alone. Seek out other salon business owners, start a mastermind group, or seek the services of mentors or business trainers. I would highly recommend The Salon Success Team, an online business training and mentoring service, that for a tiny investment will give you access to sector specific coaches and mentors that have been in exactly the same situation as you’re now, and lots of times in places that are even worse. They lead you around the challenges and will share their experience and over the hurdles you face to creating a successful business life and in turn a joyful private life.