Embrace Your Uniqueness

hair salon marketing ideasBe Yourself, Embrace Your Brand

You cannot be everyone’s ideal, so stop attempting appeal to such a wide spectrum of individuals. If you do this, you will please no one, not even yourself. You must communicate the message that your brand and your business possesses value-even if you defy the norm of what is expected of you.

The greatest pursuit of man is to thoroughly assume his true self, without the necessity of approval, without regard for unwarranted outside judgments. Be yourself, your brand, your business, and do not apologize for its likeness or uniqueness. If you even remotely attempt to please everyone, you will please no one.
Even the most reputable philanthropic figures in history have fallen prey to the disdain and public disapproval of others. So, what chance do ordinary individuals have of escaping this? You, and all people, must accept that no one is immune to criticism and judgment.

Consider the vast scope of this planet’s sprawling population of 7 billion. This planet is a storehouse for people of myriad religions, cultures, tribes, beliefs, philosophies, and appearances. Therefore, the very notion of appealing to everyone is simply an illogical one.
If you are introducing a business or brand, realize that it can ascend to greatness without universal approval. Remind yourself that the most highly ranked individuals in the world are subject to constant criticism.
Liberate yourself from the necessity of outside validation, instead of cowering in fear.

Successful People Who Were Criticized

Tons of people thought Thomas Edison was insane when he proposed the idea of electricity. Educators told Albert Einstein he would never succeed. Better yet, onlookers laughed at Mugsey Bogues when he aspired to become an NBA athlete at only 5’1. But did this deter them? No. Because their success did not hinge on the whims of others.

If you are growing a brand or business of your own, accept that there is no universal market. There are sub sectors of society that will like what you have to offer, but only some will respond in a positive manner. When you come to this realization, you will experience a marked increase in confidence, and unabashedly promote your product. Stop trying to be everyone’s friend, because the course of your business will primarily be affected by your belief system. Criticism and judgment will ensue as it does for all businesses, but you are ultimately the one who judges the competence of your own brand.


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