Forget Everything You’ve Learned About FaceBook Marketing

Are YOU Ready To Dominate FaceBook?


Facebook Marketing and FaceBook, the fastest growing and largest Social Network in the world is poised to surpass ONE BILLION members.

Are you ready to tap into this massive market? Truth be told the chances are you’re not. If like myself and many other salon owners out there you have realized the potential of facebook marketing and had a go at it yourself. And again if like me and many other salon owners you probably just ended up with an expensive bill at the end and no real return on investment, but a very bad taste left after the whole experience.

Just like me you probably read and researched every method and idea out there on Facebook marketing. I will tell you this, if you follow the conventional training that’s out there, it’s not a case of your might fail but you WILL fail. It was then that I came across a gentleman called Armand Morin and a brand new system he just released called “FAST” (FaceBook Ad Secret Training).

Yep a “SECRET” system.

Facebook Marketing Guru

But hey the guy gives a money back guarantee what did I have to lose? After spending the time to learn and work through his methods I was astounded! It worked! Not only did it work, it worked AMAZINGLY well. I went from having a 1% engagement on FaceBook to 90% and growing. And this was in the first week!


I didn’t do anything different apart from implementing “FAST”. I also have a steady stream of new potential clients joining my salon page. Now for the most impressive part, the cost. It was almost nothing. Infact for 1/4 of the price of running an ad in my local newspaper, I was able to increase the people on my fanpage, increase the traffic to my website and sign people up to receive regular marketing and newsletters from me. Far more powerfull than any ad in a newspaper has been.

Facebook Marketing: What I recommend

Now all the credit for this can’t go to “FAST” alone, but it certainly was the missing link. Combined with a well thought-out social marketing campaign I have been able to achieve some fantastic results for my salon from FaceBook.

Below I have included two links. One to Armand Morin’s “FAST” training program and the other to a book by Elizabeth Kraus on social media marketing. Both well worth the investment.

  marketing calander


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