Get your shit together: your social media image

Get your shit together

Be EVERYWHERE and having a unified social media image

facebook-anthony-presotto-mobile-social-media-imageFacebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Linkdin, the list is endless. You know you have to have a presence on social media, it is just about manditory to conducting business in this day and age. But where do you go? In short EVERYWHERE!

This is a concept that I picked up while listening to a podcast with two awesome online marketers Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker. The thing is your prospective clients come from all areas so don’t limit yourself to just one. I personally have as broad a web presence as I can and I am continually adding to it. This doesn’t mean that I am super active on all of them but I am there and I put my two cents in when I can.

In the end I have chosen to be most active on Facebook and YouTube, I also do a little Twitter, and Linkdin. And I pretty much manage these with HootSuite which lets me post and monitor all my social media channels in one place. The reason I chose Facebook and YouTube was simple, I am used to Facebook, despite the constant changes they make, and my target clients for my salon fall into an age group who seem to be very active on facebook, often catching up with lost schoolfriends, or family. So it just makes sense. As for YouTube, I use video as part of my marketing strategy so again it was just the easy option.

Infact I intergrate what I do on YouTube with my facebook. In the near future I will put together a guide on how I use Facebook and YouTube for my salon marketing but that is a story all on its own. I suggest you join my mailing list to be informed of when that will be released.

Now being everywhere is not enough, you need to have a consistent image where ever you are, so came about the name of this blog post “Get your shit together”. I see it time and time again, people using various images across their social media and website and not one of them matching. It can be a pain staking process but take the time to make sure the logo and or image you use on your social media and your website is the same. I was just as guilty as the next guy, but I did go through and change everything, so no matter where you come across me online, you see the same photo and the same logo. You might want to change it every 12 months you might just want to keep it the same. I can say mine will be the same for a little while, I just don’t have the time to go through and change everything too often.

The reason we use logo’s and photos in our branding is to create instant recognition.fiverr-anthony-presotto-social-media-image-cheap So why have different things in different places. Try to get a decent photo of yourself, a selfie just isn’t going to cut it guys. I am not saying don’t use your phone, but take the time to get a friend to take the photo so you are framed properly, and do your hair and slap on a bit of makeup. This is your brand image we are talking about, make sure it reflects exactly what you want to portray to the world. Logos are also great for business, and you can see that I use both. It doesn’t have to be expensive to have a logo created, I had mine done on for a whole $5. Same goes for your photo, if you have something that you like but it needs a tweak and you don’t have the skills, is filled with people who can make you look a whole lot better for just $5.


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