Hair Mentor Vlog – Russell Mayes

40715_1625797214675_1161046_nI would like to tell you a little about my friend Russell.

Russell is an accomplished hair stylist, he was the former education director for Ariella, a leading brand of hair styling products. He’s also been a national educator at Goldwell.

A very generous man, Russell has set about to give back to the industry that he loves. He has set about creating a mentoring program to take new stylists in our industry and fast track them on the road to success.

With more than 30 years of experience in this wonderful industry of ours, Russell has packaged it all up and put together this thoughtful collection of women’s hair cutting training DVDs that any hair stylist will enjoy.

Russell’s simple and no-rush learning techniques were honed at John Dellaria Salon New York and Bauhaus Hair Studio Orange County which make these Hair Cutting Workshops on DVD a real joy to own and learn with.

Russell has broken down the various modern and classic cutting techniques into several DVDs which are available for purchase here at $99 including postage worldwide.

hairmaven DVD coverThe tools Russell covers are straight scissors, curved scissors, texture scissors and razors. He also looks at a broad range of techniques in cutting from blunt cutting, Point cutting, Deep point cutting, channeling and various aspects of using a razor.

I own these DVD’s and give a set to every staff member when they join my salon to hone their technique, and take their haircutting skills to the next level.

You can connect with Russell via:



Russell also appeared on my podcast in Season 1 Episode 5.

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