Where Happiness Is, Success Will Likely Follow

Where Happiness Is, Success Will Likely Follow

Money has always been the scapegoat of most when it comes to finding happiness; however, it does not mean it is true. In addition, money, in the minds of most individuals has always been in correlation to success, though the biggest question here is are you happy with what you are doing.

The high life always had its draw on countless individuals who have always put materials as their source of happiness, though it may have some grounds for argument, this is not always the case. There are times when you have to question whether or not it is worth it.

When trying to come up with the answer, there are two things that you should first consider – the value and the resultant quality of life. These are also the two things that you may need to consider before you buy anything from the shelf.

The value which was mentioned in the previous paragraph does not pertain to monetary value. Instead, it refers to what it means to you. Will it be worth the amount that you are paying for it? One aspect that you may use as a measure stick is the frequency regarding how you would use it. If you have other devices or items of the same value in your possession, it might be better if you purchase something cheaper. Or, you may opt to not purchase anything at all. These items come and go. So, in one point in time, you may want to replace them. That is why it is sometimes impractical to follow what is the trend. Go for something that is eternal.

The second consideration is the resultant quality of life that you will have once you acquire the item. This is the part where you should ask yourself whether or not that item will make you happy. However, this does not mean superficial happiness which you may just replace later on.

It is the kind of happiness that will last longer and sometimes a lifetime.

If it does, then it adds to your quality of life. If it is the opposite, then you might think twice in buying it. Therefore, you should never be an impulsive buyer. Always think it through before you provide your card to the cashier.

On the other hand, such mind set does not necessarily mean that you should not do anything and just be happy all your life. The true cycle is, once you are happy with what you are doing, success will follow. If success is present in your life, the money will slowly follow you. As long as you are passionate with what you are doing, you will become successful, possibly rich, and happiness will be absolute.

Such a dilemma has been a problem among individuals of this generation. Always taking courses where the money is at, but never truly being happy. That is why it is essential to make your passion your profession, because if you do, things will become easier, and in the end, you will become more successful – not just in your career but also in life.


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