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You must ask for testimonials from your satisfied clients and use these anywhere you can in your salon marketing.

It’s as simple as that.

Testimonials are a powerful marketing tool

And hardly any business uses them.

How powerful are they?

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I ran one ad in my local paper based around a testimonial. I was receiving calls from that one ad for six months after I ran it. More than any other ad I have run, irresistible offer I have put together, the testimonial has drawn more clients than any other.

What makes them so powerful?

Remember what we covered in client referrals. What other people say about you and your salon is infintely more believable and powerful than anything you say about yourself or your salon. When you tell others about how good your salon is, how great your staff are, how talented your team is, you are doing nothing more than making a claim. When someone else says the exact same thing it’s no longer a claim, IT’s A FACT.

Whatever you have to offer a client becomes a lot more believable when it is told by someone just like them, another consumer.

Let’s go back to my favorite marketing teachers, the infomercial. While it might seem that you would have an extremely low I.Q. to purchase some of these products they offer and your wonder how on earth they sell anything, they do, billions of dollars worth every year. What makes the ab cruncher such an intriguing item? Well their sales pitch is one thing, but 90% of the infomercial is puerly testimonials.

Testimonials from everday people like you and me, there is they with the before and after photo’s. There is the hot babe who wanted her abs back after having a baby. They’re all there, testimonials from anyone and everyone that has had a positive experience with the product.

One of my favorite ads is the subway ad. You know the one where the kid going to uni was fat, changed to eating subway and now look at him. What more could you want? A walking, talking testimonial, before and after pictures, the kid ate subway everyday, obviously not a 12 inch fully fat loaded sub, but a sub none the less. If you are overweight, slightly more soft around the middle than you would like to be, and you stopped at McDonalds for your lunch, if you didn’t change to Subway as your fast food, you were just plain crazy!

There you go. Plain and simple. Testimonials work and they work very, very well.

Just a few things to remember about your testimonials:

1. Get permission from the person writting the testimonial to use it in your marketing.

2. Include their full name and suburb when you include it in your marketing. Just using their first name or initials isn’t anywhere near as effective.

3. Collect testimonials from large cross sections of your lients, Doctors, teachers, housewives etc. Each one will identify with a certain group.

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