The Minimalists are Coming

The Minimalists are coming ?!? WTF???

minimalists_etr_tour_poster[1]Yes the Minimalists, or Joshua Fields Millburn  and  Ryan Nicodemus. These are two awesome guys who have changed the way I look at life and at business as well. It all started with wanting to get rid of some of the excessive crap I have managed to accumulate in my home, and their website popped up in my google search. I think I have read every blog post these guys have written and watched every Youtube video I could find. I urge you to checkout their website to find out more what these guys are about. And if you’re near a city that they are visiting on their “Everything that remains” book tour, get yourself along and listen to these guys. Details are available HERE.

What started out for me as getting rid of junk from my home, expanded into simplifying my life, and my salon business. Like a lot of hairstylists I know, I am easily attracted to new and shiny things. And as a testament I had a salon full of the latest treatments, tools and products. As I absorbed the philosophy behind Joshua and Ryan’s website, I started to take a new look at my business and how much I had strayed from my core beliefs, which along with some simple prodding from distributors lead me to over investing and over stocking my salon. This is the sort of stuff that eats into your bottom line. And just like shopping for stuff can temporarly fill voids and dissatisfaction in our home life it does just the same in our salon life. For the last six months I haven’t purchased a single NEW/SHINY product range or gimicky item for the salon, and guess what? It hasn’t effected my clients or sales in the slightest. Just as the company reps have to build desire into me to purchase new and shiny, I would then have to turn around and do that to my clients if I wanted to move the stuff and not be stuck with it.

Here is a great little video the guys have put together have a watch. Oh and if you get into it like I have I hope to see you at the Brisbane Australia night, please come say “HI”!


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Currently one of only two Australian hairstylists who are members of the Hairdressing World Expert Panel, Anthony Presotto is on a mission to empower salon owners, sharing his expertise as an author, international speaker and salon business strategist.

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  1. Anthony, the information that you write about, as well as HOW you write, is best I’ve read in this business. I enjoyed finding your website and blog posts, (bookmarked it), and I look forward to reading more in the morning with my coffee.
    I own and operate a private salon in New Jersey, USA, as well as a non-profit where we strive to bring out the inner and outer beauty of women. It’s always a treat to read positive and intelligent information, and you provide it here in your pieces. Thank you 🙂

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