Rock the BOB

rock the bobOn the 20th of June 2016 I am presenting a look and learn. Rock the BOB. It will be a combination of wet & dry cutting, clipper cutting and condensed cutting techniques. All money raised will go to HairAid.

What am I presenting?

I will be covering a combination of wet and dry cutting and finishing techniques utilizing clippers, scissors & texturizers. Along with regular cutting I will also present some condensed cutting techniques which will allow you to achive the desired look in far less time.

What is Hair Aid?

Hair Aid is an Australian not for profit organisation that sends teams of hairdressers to Quezon City Manila to teach street families hair cutting skills.  We work with the poorest of the families so they can learn livelihood skills and earn money to feed, clothe and house themselves and their children.

The mission of Hair Aid is to alleviate unemployment for community members from shanty towns and people who live on the street in Quezon City, Manilla. Hair Aid sends qualified hairdressers to facilitate a five day haircutting program, up to six times a year.  Through a network of agencies Hair Aid provides opportunities for self-sufficiency of the participants after training.  Hair Aid’s services include a five day training program, post project support and communication and hair cutting resources such as scissors, combs, capes and other general hair cutting tools.

To help support Hair Aid and book your place at the look and learn, pleace contact Karen Scherer on 0400190597