Is your salon business ordinary or extraordinary?

hair salon businessYour salons first impression

The most important factor of business growth is to have a clear and consistent message that you promote to all clients. The saying goes that you only have one chance at a first impression. What is the first impression clients have of your salon? Are you staff friendly? Do they show a level of professionalism? Do they portray the necessary level of skill and knowledge to satisfy the clients needs?

Do they come for the price or the service?

Being a salon that focuses on price can be profitable in the short term but in the long run can end up costing you clients that constantly look out for the next cheap promotion offered. Remember there will always be someone cheaper!

Creating a high level of service

Focusing on extraordinary service will make your salon different from all the others in the marketplace. You need to be a salon business that offers the clients more than what they expected, regardless of the price you charge. And you need to do it consistently.

Some points of extraordinary service are:

  • Making sure that each and every client is received in a friendly and welcoming manner, regardless of what else is going on within the salon at the time.
  • Smile. It costs so little and says so much. This should be a mandatory thing for every staff member.
  • Stylist should be ready to go. Have clients cards out read for the consultation, gowns and towels at the station to drape them immediately.
  • Perfect your consultation. Learn to listen.
  • Be creative in meeting the needs of your clients, listen offer suggestions to change or revitalize their style.
  • Extreme attention to details. Make sure you use barrier creams when colouring to reduce staining of the hairline. Use a small make-up brush to dust their face after cutting rather than a large neck brush.
  • Beverages. Have plenty on offer, the cost is minimal and takes that level of service one step further. Consider small bottles of water rather than a glass. They are inexpensive and take your service to a whole new level.
  • Avoid sticker shock. Don’t be afraid to let clients know what it’s going to cost before you start. Get creative and work within their budget.
  • Make sure that the client feels that nothing is too much trouble. Clients don’t like to feel as though they have put you out.
  • No matter if they are there for a $15 fringe trim, a $20 bottle of shampoo or $250 makeover. Make sure that each and every client feels special!

In the end it is up to you, the salon owner to decide what will make your clients happy. Providing consistent service takes commitment from you and your staff. Try to do more than just satisfy your clients make the extra effort and constantly amaze them!

Keep in mind the following facts:
15% of clients will leave because they have found better service at another salon.
15% of clients will leave for a cheaper price.
20% of clients will leave for a perceived lack of individual attention.
49% of clients will leave for poor quality service.

Don’t take regular clients for granted

When you have established an ongoing client list is can be very easy to loose that new client enthusiasm and start to take your regular clients for granted. Don’t allow yourself to become so familiar that you forget that they have come to your salon to make themselves feel special. Some points to remember:

  • Don’t leave them waiting assuming that they will understand.
  • Forgetting to consult them everytime, doing things like asking “just the same” or telling them to head straight to the basin. Consults are opertunity for change and change can mean an increase in revenue. A no to foils 3 months ago doesn’t mean it will be a no now.
  • Letting your standards of personal appearance slide.
  • Forgetting to offer them beverages or magazines.
  • Not recording their service information on their client card, history is so important when it comes to servicing your clients well.


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