Mags Kavanaugh

Mags Kavanaugh
January 24

Anthony is one of those few Educators that gets it into the minds & hearts of the stylists he’s trying to help! His knowledge is so vast on so many subjects that you can ask him anything and you’ll get the answer you need. His DVD’s are awesome and he helped out on a Boot Camp I had via the internet, even though it was early morning in Australia. His willingness to help others is what sets him far above any other Educator out there. He’s funny, exciting, and never boring, he’s an educators Educator. Anthony Presotto is the bomb!!!

– Mags Kavanaugh

About Anthony Presotto

Currently one of only two Australian hairstylists who are members of the Hairdressing World Expert Panel, Anthony Presotto is on a mission to empower salon owners, sharing his expertise as an author, international speaker and salon business strategist.

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