The Importance of Rebooking Walk-In Clients

The Importance of Rebooking Walk-In Clients

Walk-in clients come and go and if you don’t take advantage of rebooking their next visit to your beauty salon business, you will never hear from them anymore. Most of your salon visitors are your current clients who happen to hear your business from a friend or who happen to pass by at your establishment. Whichever the case, your duty is to have your clients remember you until their next visit. Rebooking them for their next appointment is important because of the following valid reasons:

Rebooking reduces disappointment from clients.

Customers become disappointed by their next visit when they could not be attended because the stylist’s schedule is fully loaded. Instead of waiting for their turn, they become upset and transfer to another salon. As a salon owner, always remind your staff to book the clients in advance; say four weeks, so by the time they drop by, they can be fully accommodated.

Regular hair maintenance is assured by rebooking.

Booking appointments are also putting confidence in your clients by assuring them of regular hair maintenance such as cutting and coloring. Tell them that they need to come back at a specific date so they can keep their hair look good rather than wait for the time that the original color will come out which is very embarrassing.

Rebooking lessens the chance of overbooking

Your stylists and colorists should be wary that emergency call can happen any time of the day. With proper scheduling of regular customers, it assures that there will be no overlapping of schedule while walk-in clients would ask to be squeezed in for an emergency.

It eliminates confusion.

Upon seeing the calendar, you will know who is coming today, tomorrow and in the coming days. Always check your schedule to avoid overlapping and overbooking. Confusion can happen if you book clients without checking your weekly or monthly schedule. For all you know, it will be too late to realize that you have booked two or more people in that specific hour. Try to compare notes with your staff so no duplication of schedule can happen.

If you’re rebooking clients it assures you of regular income.

When you have scheduled advance booking for your clients, you can determine how much you will be earning in the coming days. The more customers are booked, the more income you will have. Use your talent in sales talk to convince them to book their appointment for hair coloring or hair cutting. Bookings for special occasions such as prom night, debut, wedding and parties in peak months are additional income to your salon.

Rebooking gives you peace of mind.

With re-booking, you can be at peace with yourself because you know that you will not lose a customer and income. A weekly or monthly rotation of clients’ visit means you do not need to hurdle to get more walk-in customers because you are assured of a regular income from your loyal customers. If you have a customer who comes to your salon once every month with a pay of $50 dollars per session, you will be receiving from her $600 a year. What if you have 100 regular customers who visits your salon every month, imagine how big you will profit from them not to mention that you have other walk-in customers who will drop by daily.

Don’t let your customers decide if they’re rebooking or not.

re-booking-anthony-presottoAs a hairstylist, you are more knowledgeable than your clients. Hair grows fast and in a week’s time, the original shade of the strands will come out. You have to explain to your clients that they need to have regular visits to your salon to maintain their hair or else it would be embarrassing to see those uneven hair length and color. Make use of your sales talk by letting them realize that more than a month will be too long to wait. Always emphasize that four weeks is the best time to come back.

More hair treatment options.

Apart from their regular hair coloring and cutting, you can also book them for other hair treatment such as rebonding or oil treatment. This needs another schedule to give their hair the time to relax. If all your customers will schedule for another appointment, that would be another income for your business. Try to calculate how much you will be earning from the additional options that you are offering to them.

Send rebooking email or text messages.

Once you have booked your clients, it is good to send them email and text messages as reminders that that their visit is fast approaching. You can call them a few days before the appointment to confirm of their visit to accommodate other clients in case they cannot come. If possible, convince them to visit your salon and try to squeeze them in if they need to adjust their time.

Send private message through social network it increase rebooking.

Setting an appointment for your clients is not a difficult task because what you need from them is their confirmation that they will visit your salon. Assure them that their visit is important to maintain good grooming and healthy hair. You can always use social media to remind them how important it is to have regular hair cutting and coloring to stay young and stylish. Send your clients a private message because it would be embarrassing to post your message in public.

You should be rebooking walk-in customers like your regular clients.Customer With Hairdresser rebooking-anthony-presotto

Walk-in customers are positive signs that your salon is known in your area. You should always treat them like your regular clients to get their trust. When they come to your establishment, do not ignore their presence. Tell your staff to welcome them with open arms and entertain them if they are only making inquiries. Ignoring your walk-in customers means losing a sure income. Start the conversation and ask them how they come to know you, and what their expectations of you are. Establishing rapport with your walk-in clients will lead them to become regular customers. If you treat them equally, they can help your business flourish by patronizing your services regularly. I hope this has helped you understand the importance of rebooking.


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