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Here’s what my website is all about.

I’m Anthony Presotto and this is the home of my PODCAST and BLOG. I am also one of the co-founders of SO MAGAZINE. And if you are like most salon owners you might have found yourself asking these questions:

  • “How can I get more customers?”
  • “How can I find great staff to work with me?”
  • “How can I get out of the discounting cycle?”
  • “How can I price my services profitably and entice people to buy them?”
  • “How can I do more than just survive in my salon business?”

Or if you’ve ever just needed some inspiration or validation that you’re making the right choices……You’re in the RIGHT place!

Help you get ahead of the game when it comes to salon business

I believe smart salon owners who want to win in today’s overcrowded marketplace MUST become leaders, coaches and mentors to their staff.


How can you find the time to do this while running your salon business… while working a full-time behind the chair?

Instead of digging through hundreds of books, and wasting time on strategies by so-called “experts”……subscribe to my blog and podcast (they’re both free), and you’ll get PROVEN tactics and strategies from a best-selling authors, world-renowned salon coaches, and of course, me, Anthony Presotto.

And the best part? I’ll cut through the crap, showing you exactly what working now and how you can start doing it for your salon business and start benefiting from TODAY.

Introducing  my Podcast

The blog and Podcast

I am  creating a thriving and fast growing community of salon business owners who want to become more… more successful… more productive… MORE.

There are two main features to my website. There’s the blog and the podcast. When you subscribe for free email updates, you’ll gain access to both PLUS exclusive “email only” material and offers (I treat my email subscribers the best).

Here’s what each “feature” is all about:

The blog, is where you’ll get my latest thoughts on what is happening in the salon industry. I discuss things that piss me off, and offer solutions to common problems that plague salon owners worldwide.

The podcast, is where I feature interviews with best-selling authors, world-renowned business coaches, and industry leaders and icons and salon owners like you who are doing it well. I get them to reveal what is happening out there and then break down how you can take advantage of it in your salon business and life. We discuss the highs and lows and what they have learned in hopes of educating and inspiring you.

About Anthony Presotto

Currently one of only two Australian hair stylists who are members of the Hairdressing World Expert Panel, I am on a mission to empower salon owners, sharing my expertise as an author, international speaker and salon business strategist. A number of my books are available for purchase on Amazon.com for Kindle, with titles geared towards empowering salon owners and managers to improve their operations.

I feel I have been very fortunate throughout my career, within the industry and now feel it’s time to give back and help the next generation of salon owners rise to the top!


Anthony’s Journey in the Salon Industry

A third generation hairdresser, I have been in and around hair salons for the better part of my life, accumulating over 40,000 invaluable hours behind the chair as both a hairdresser and salon owner.

From my hair-shampooing days as a 12-year-old, assisting my mother, to owning several successful salons, achieving top-10 seller status on Amazon.com for my series of salon owners’ educational books, appearing as a guest speaker in the USA for the Hairdressers’ Caucus and receiving nearly 2 million YouTube hits for my instructional hair videos, I have definitely had a very exciting career.

Although making a lot of money as a successful hair salon owner, the journey has not always been easy, with some of the lowest points presenting themselves during periods of peak financial success. A feeling of stagnation soon took over, manifested in the dread that came with getting up and going to work each morning – the excitement and passion that once fuelled my enthusiasm had disappeared.

It was during this period when I accumulated my wealth of experience and knowledge around the salon industry, arming me with the kind of expertise that ultimately drives my excellence in delivering expert knowledge as a salon business strategist, author and speaker. I made the transition from being in the same boat as 95% of all other salon owners out there, to the industry specific expert I am today, in that they understand the operational side of owning a hair salon but don’t know much about the business side of proceedings.

business-successWhy having an industry experienced mentor is important

A stint under the tutelage of various business coaches further added to the fast-growing wealth of knowledge I was accumulating, underlining the fact that most business coaching is rather generic and not specific enough for an industry such as the hair business, particularly with regards to salon owners.

I would then go on to bridge that gap between generic business coaching and salon-owner specific business coaching, building the salon of my dreams in the process and ultimately fueling a desire to help other salon owners to achieve the same feat. This is how I offer salon owners something completely different and unique, in that I have industry-specific knowledge, expertise and experience to tap into; something which is sure to work for YOU.

Up close and personal

I grew up in… Queensland, in a fantastic coastal city called Redcliffe. I still live here in fact. It gives me a balance of being close enough to the state’s capital city, about 40 minutes away, and far enough away from it to have a relaxed lifestyle, with great internet!

One of my favorite coffee creations – my Breakfast Macchiato

The first thing I do when I wake up is… COFFEE!! I am addicted! I started drinking it seriously at about 15 and haven’t stopped since. I am even quite famous for my salon coffee machine which I spent $7000 on. Did I mention I love coffee? LOL

If I could be better at anything it would be… I have often been told I should sing solo, so low that they can’t hear me…. I wish I could sing.

I am happiest when… Two things make me happy, to be at home with my wife and just pottering around the house cooking meals etc. And in the thick of it, I love the bustling of a busy salon and touching so many people in a wonderful way.

When I am not working I am… Not working? What is that? Seriously, I think about business or hair almost 24 hours a day. I am fascinated by both.

The best meal I have had was… This is almost too hard to answer, I have had some awesome meals, and some real duds too. One that really stands out was pasta at Fellini’s Ristorante at the Stratosphere Casino in Las Vegas.

Most people don’t know that I… Was trained as a beauty therapist before I became a hairdresser, I also give an awesome facial massage.

When I go on holiday I like to… Get as far away from home as possible and explore other countries.

When I was growing up I wanted to be a… Chef or School teacher. So I ended up a foodie and a hairdresser.

My all time favorite movie is… I have two, History of the world part 1 and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

My most annoying habit is… Hmmm depends who you ask… It could be my changing my mind constantly.

Anthony Presotto, business strategist, author and speaker, is putting an end to all the madness and bringing profits back into salon owners’ operations, while helping them maintain the passion and drive to continue thriving and enjoy their work.

If you would like to support my efforts then please consider buying me a coffee!