The downside of owning a salon business

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It’s ordinary for me to discuss the advantages of owning your own salon business, but understand it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes salon owners go through rough patches. I would like to look at 5 facets of what I consider to be the drawback possessing a salon now. Included in these are facets that […]

How about a HUG?

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How about a HUG? A Huge Unbelievable Goal! Who doesn’t need a HUG ever now and again? I know I sure do! What I am talking about are Huge Unbelievable Goals, where we inspire ourselves to grow our business bigger and lead more fulfilled lives by achieving a huge goal, the bigger it is the better! […]

Pricing Salon Services Profitably

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Pricing Salon Services Profitably In the world of salon Business pricing mistakes are common, not only because of the many different pricing strategies, but because some pricing practices don’t seem to make sense on the surface. When salon business owners don’t fully explore all the ramifications of their pricing mistakes, customers can be driven away […]