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S2 E2 – Dennis Gebhart Guru Villages


Welcome to season 2 episode 2 of Anthony Presotto’s Salon Lifestyle Podcast.

Anthony Presotto Show200In this episode:

This episode I am chatting with Dennis Gebhart from Guru Village.

Dennis answers questions submitted by various hairdressers on social media and helps demystify fact from fiction when it comes to choosing a colour range for your hair salon. Dennis discusses the pros and cons of things like PPT and PPD in hair colour. MEA and Ammonia, colour bases and bleaching products. Join us in finding what is real and what is marketing spin when it comes to hair colour companies.

Dennis Gebhart is one of the most sought after hair color, business development and sales trainers in the professional salon industry. He has dedicated over three decades of his industry career helping salon professionals understand and master the art of hair color. A protégée of hair color pioneer and legend Sam Lapin, Dennis mastered his craft at an early age which led him to work with industry ICONS in seventeen countries along with leading hair color manufacturers in positions of education and product development making him responsible, in part, for the development of some of the most famous hair colour brands in the salon industry.

His color work has been published in many industry magazines including American Salon, Modern Salon, Estetica, Canadian Hairdresser and Behind the Chair.

orig_28728_033-copyDennis and his wife own and operate a successful Salon and Spa, My Hair Color Guru, in southern California, which provides “real life” experiences making his trainings authentic.

In addition, Dennis is one of the founders and visionaries for his “non-branded” education company, Guru Villages offering pre-recorded webinars, live webinars, and live events for Salon Professionals, Trainers, Distributors, and students. You can find information at www.guruvillage.net

As a highly requested educator and trainer in the professional salon industry, his belief is “if you tell me and I will forget if you teach me I will remember and if you involve me and I will learn!”

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