How colour works

How Hair Colour Works

Have you ever wondered what is really inside a tube of hair colour?

Can hair colour really be organic?

What is the difference between a Semi, Demi and Permanent hair colour?

What really is the role of hydrogen peroxide in hair colouring, and how can you manipulate it to get different results?

These are the sort of questions asked every day by hair colourists around the globe, yet getting the answers can be very difficult. Hair colour companies can be vague and misleading or put their own marketing spin on the truth.

I take you through the basic science of how hair colour works and include practical demonstrations that give you the fundamental knowledge to take back to your salon and really investigate and understand how your hair

colour line works and get the best results from it.

The class is non-branded education and applies to all colour lines. Based on actual science rather than marketing hype, you will finally be the colourist you have always dreamed of being.

To book for this class email me or call 0412672246


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